For the past three decades

most of my work revolved in the truest sense of the words around one small phenomenon: the spinning top.
For me, a spinning top is not just a simple children's toy, it rather has the status of an art object, composed of individual elements and thereby forming a whole. In regard to the different materials and my specific woodturning skills such as ornamental, shift and eccentric turning, these elements can be combined in countless ways.
In doing so, over the years a wide variety of spinning tops emerged. Some offer subtle and distinct forms, are almost minimalistic, others again act pompous with elaborate filigree profiles. However, my spinning tops don't reflect any trend. They are results of snaphots, which may vary depending on the situation.
In addition to my exclusive one of a kind works, we also manufacture our spinning tops in small series for companies and institutions. Starting with the design creation, the manufacturing up to polishing and packaging of each spinning top, the whole process takes place in our studio. It is important to respond to the ideas and wishes of our customers.
With this website we'd like to convey an impression of the variety of our hand crafted spinning tops.